Business-minded Contractor for Business-minded people.

You have a vision, a budget and return on investment objectives in mind. You are accountable and responsible for building or maintaining your building. You are a construction pro or have been tasked to lead a remodel. 

Our proprietary methodologies to estimate, plan and execute construction projects have been designed to answer those needs. 

Whether one of your tenants moved out. Whether one of your department needs an office refresh. Or whether you are contemplating installing EV chargers around your building. Our team will create a unique plan to achieve your goals, respect your budgets, execute construction and deliver a project without you having to worry about it. You have a business to run, no time to spare. Now you can trust one company to handle it all without having to manage the project yourself.

Homesteady is a commercial contractor based in Thousand Oaks, CA serving greater Los Angeles, Ventura and Southern California.