Commercial Painting Contractor

A Commercial Painting Contractor Serving Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Orange County

Homesteady Solutions is a commercial painting contractor based in Southern California and offering both exterior and interior painting. We work for retail, corporate office, restaurants and just about any type of commercial business you can think of.

Exterior Commercial Painting

The primary purpose of an exterior commercial paint job is to protect and preserve the exposed walls and surfaces. In some cases touch ups or maintenance can be done to fix and prevent damages, but often owners prefer a complete repainting of their exterior. In these cases, the surface needs to be prepared before any painting or staining. Whether the surface is concrete, wood, stucco, vinyl, metal, or siding, both primer and finish coats are needed to make sure that paint adheres to the material. This means mildew, dirt, dust, old coats of paint or sealant, algae or oxidation must be cleaned off.


Interior Commercial Painting

When doing interior commercial painting there are two types of interior paint to choose from: latex (water-based) and oil (alkyd-based). Each has it’s own group of distinct advantages or drawbacks. Latex paint dries quickly and is typically non-flammable. It also has very little odor because of low levels of volatile organic compounds. Latex paint is available in a wide variety of finishes: matte, semi-gloss, gloss, eggshell and satin and can be tinted to match any color swatch or shade. But latex paint is not suitable for every job. Metal and wood surfaces must be sanded and primed and latex paint offers poor adhesion to uneven or dirty walls.


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Oil-based paint offers a smooth and durable surface that resists staining and shrinkage. It is recommended in high-traffic areas and wooden baseboards. On the negative side, oil paints emit a strong odor, which can linger for some time. Common problems can result from humidity and a hot, humid climate can have a major impact on the quality of an oil-based paint job. Additionally, high temperatures can cause oil-based paint to dry too quickly, creating cracks. A few other common issues include improper surface preparation such as: unfilled holes in drywall, traces of wallpaper or older layers of paint.