Drywall Contractor for Installation & Repair

Professional Drywall Contractor for Installation

Many construction and construction maintenance projects will require a drywall contractor for repair or installation. Drywall, sometimes called wallboard or plaster board, has a core of wet gypsum rock (hydrous calcium sulphate) that is sandwiched between two sheets of heavy paper. Once the core sets and dries, the finished product is sturdy and rigid enough for use as a building material. The drywall is applied to ceilings and walls as a preferred interior finish. Drywall is very commonly used in most construction. Different ratings are available, depending on fire protection, water resistance or sound proofing required. We have a lot of experience installing drywall in corporate, retail and other commercial environments.

 Professional Drywall Contractor - Commercial, Retail, Corporate


Drywall Installation

Drywall installation is a multi step process which starts with a planned framing surface. Then drywall sheets are installed and cut as desired. Technicians will then install tape and wet plaster (also known as ‘mud”) to smoothen edges and drywall sheet junctions. Finish levels will range from level 1 (rough finish) to level 5 (smooth as a baby’s behind!). Level 3 is the most common type of finish required in in homes and standard offices. Medical facilities, high standing hotels, executive offices typically require a level 4 finish.



Drywall Maintenance and Repair

Maintaining and repairing drywall may not be as simple as it looks. If cracks are visible, especially between the wall and the floor or extending from the doorways, these may be signs for additional repair needs. There is no difference in repairing a wall or a ceiling, both often built using drywall / sheetrock, or plaster. From painting or applying wallpaper to moving, removing or adding a wall, extensive review of the surrounding room but be performed to prevent future issues. Believe us, we’ve been there!
We’ve installed all types of drywall, labor and material costs vary depending on installation complexity and finish level required.