Fit and Finish

Fit and Finish – delivering a construction project.

Commercial remodels or build-outs are typically fast paced projects, as occupying the space is linked with the Client’s ability to create revenue. The sooner you can move in, the sooner you can start generating revenue.

Finishing a project is probably the most complex task of all: being ready for an inspection, planning and conducting a punch walk with a customer, being able to give the keys back to an owner. Many tasks that require one thing: being done on time, having a clean job site and a complete deliverable to present. This is Fit and Finish.


From ensuring bolts and screws are not missing, appliances or equipment are set, fixtures and furniture are dusted off, it takes a lot of training and skills to efficiently deliver satisfactory projects. It is very complex to ensure timelines, budgets and completion objectives are met.