Commercial Construction Experts

Multi-Family Residential

Steady has in-depth experience working on residential construction and remodeling all over Los Angeles and Ventura County. Our work ranges from large apartment buildings to personal homes. We are willing to cater to whatever design or style that you are looking for while keeping the highest standard in ethics and quality. Not only do we plan to help you build your dream home, we are fully committed to exceeding every customer’s expectations, California safety codes, and efficient energy standards. To us building a home is like building a lifestyle. 

We can assist you with the construction, remediation, and maintenance of your multi-family residential or commercial real estate property. Amongst other things we can:

  • Construction Projects, Remodels, or Remediation:
    • Design-Build
    • Remediation and Restoration
    • Flooring
    • Painting
    • Electric Vehicles Chargers / EV Charger Installation
    • Drywall
    • Fit and Finish
    • Parking lots
    • Day-to-day and Maintenance Services
    • Disinfection & Sanitization
    • Pressure Washing

Steady prides itself on the fantastic relationships we’ve built with our customers. We feel that homeowners should not be worried throughout the process. We’re not only providing our full business services, but also our assurance that we were the right choice for you and your family. Every customer of ours deserves to be treated as a priority. We value our relationships as a way of doing business. Our integrity and strong ethical code have earned Steady repeat business and valued referrals. 

A big part of our business involves working with our customers to find the right designs and best value. Mixing the creativity from our professionals along with hearing the important input from you is what we believe is the best method for success. We know that homeowners have an idea of their perfect kitchen, room, and house. It is our goal to physically construct that perfect design and make that idea into your reality. On-time. On budget.  

Our Maintenance Services for Multi-family Residential include: