Design-Build Commercial Contractor

EV Chargers Installation.

Steady provides “Design-Build” Electrical, Civil and Structural Engineering, Design and Construction services for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) projects. We perform pre-design assessments, prepare the construction documents, navigate the permitting process and secure building permits, work with the local electric utility company for new electrical services and construct your project. Steady is registered with Southern California Edison (SCE) as a Charge Ready Trade Professional.

Project Phases

Assessment Phase:
Site Walk and Survey

During the Assessment Phase we perform the following in-house and on-site activities:

  • Contact the local jurisdiction to identify any special building or zoning requirements
  • Select and Specify the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
  • Identify Potential Utility/Power Points of Connection
  • Size, Select and Specify the Electrical Distribution Equipment
  • Identify Locations for the Electrical Distribution Equipment
  • Identify Locations for the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
  • Prepare a Preliminary Electrical Single-Line Diagram
  • Submit a Site Walk Report and Schematic Level Site Plans

Pre-Construction Phase:
Engineering, Design and Permitting

The Pre-Construction Phase involves the preparation of Construction Documents for submittal to the local jurisdiction for review and approval. We provide the services required for obtaining your building permit including:

  • Electrical Engineering Services
  • Civil Engineering Services
  • Structural Engineering Services
  • Permitting Services

Construction Phase

We have experienced and licensed contractors with successful performance on a multitude of electric vehicle projects. They include: 

  • A & B General Contractors
  • C-10 Electrical Contractors
  • C-12 Earthwork & Paving Contractors
  • C-21 Demolition Contractors
  • C-31 Construction Zone Traffic Control Contractors

Project Types

Steady has provided these “design-build” services within various market sectors including:

  • Commercial and Retail Businesses
  • Fleet and Public Transportation
  • Public Sector
  • Infrastructure – Load and Utility Side
  • Residential Multi-Family
  • Parking Structures
  • Franchises
  • Private Business Owners

Registered Trade Ally Professionals

Certified Installer with: