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We break down your project into distinct phases, sometimes up to three. This creates a participatory decision making process that culminates in a more predictable and well constructed project.


Feasibility Study

Feasibility Studies allow project leads to collect rough informations for early and economical go-no go decisions. They typically consists of the following:

  • Consult with the Client and prepare the Owners Project Requirements (OPR).
  • Contact the local jurisdictions to identify any special building or zoning requirements.
  • Conduct a Pre-Design site walk for initial project scoping.
  • Prepare a preliminary site plan, which may include civil, structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical engineering preliminary reviews.
  • Submit a Site Walk Report and supporting documentation.


Primary objective of the Preconstruction service is to obtain, create and submit required project documentation to secure construction permits:

  • Conduct a detailed measurements and verification Engineering site walk and prepare necessary Plans.
  • Prepare Architectural, Civil, Structural, or MEP construction documents for AHJ submittal.
  • Submit stamped and signed construction documents to the AHJ for permitting.
  • Respond to any AHJ comments as required.  Secure Building Permits.
  • Obtain competitive Bids from subcontractors as necessary.


Should a project be a week or a year long, our process remain the same, with a constant attention to details and safety:

  • Mobilize Construction teams to the site, set up staging area, access control and job site safety.
  • Complete construction as outlined on approved construction documents.
  • Manage and lead various parties involved: vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, in-house teams.
  • Plan and execute construction work while ensuring compliance and safety.
  • Communicate progress, issues and questions with project lead.
  • Coordinate inspections and obtain final operating permits.

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