About Us

Steady believes in meeting the needs of society in ways that can continue indefinitely into the future without damaging or depleting natural resources. Steady considers and integrates sustainability and viable solutions to your company’s construction needs. Simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Steady is fueled by the strength of its employees who believe in doing the right thing. Steady team has decades of experience in the construction industry. Their knowledge has the advantage of streamlining communication between owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors working on a project. Our team believes in careful planning before the start of construction and far-sighted support during construction, both being the basis of daily work. This not only provides you, as our customer, with security before, during and after your construction project; but also ensures a considerate approach to timelines and budgets.

Steady strives in design-build construction projects for commercial and industrial owners. Design-build outperforms traditional service methods, in quality, accuracy, efficiencies and cost controlling. Personal consulting is our strength – from the initial idea to the site analysis to the perfectly tailored building concept, the focus is on your business. Simply put, Steady constantly aims to deliver environmentally sound and functional solutions.

Meet our People

Fabien Reille, Founder & CEO

Based on years of experience launching and expanding businesses, Fabien is an entrepreneurial executive who has founded three start-ups, including Steady. His goal for Steady is to provide corporations with compliant construction services, offering enterprise-level Design Build services with sustainability in mind. His two previous ventures were successfully launched and subsequently acquired. During his career, Fabien also worked for the following corporations: JD Power, Deloitte, ReachLocal, and ValueClick. Fabien holds an MBA from HEC in France.

Lorena Caceres, Operations Manager

Lorena Montoya Caceres has over 12 years of experience in Operations Management, Management of Specialized Financial Investment, and Project Management. Lorena holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at USIL in Perú, a Master’s in Economics and Regional Studies, majoring in International Business at the University of Economics in Prague (VSE), Czech Republic, and an MBA in Information Technology Management at California Lutheran University (CLU) in Los Angeles, California. As a certified Safe Scrum Master, Lorena leads our operations team while she continues specialized studies in Project Management, Six Sigma, and Agile.

Jodee McClendon, Customer Relationship Manager

Jodee joined the Steady team in 2017. Jodee brings a plethora of experience from her 12-year tenure in the Planning and Development Department of the City of Pasadena. She joined Steady to manage and lead projects that require technical and analytical overseeing. Jodee has successfully developed many client relationships with customers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Walmart to name a few. Jodee is an avid horseback riding fanatic.

Justin Cary, Head of Finance

Justin obtained his Bachelor’s degree and Masters’s Degrees in Accounting from Michigan State University. He also served as an enlisted reservist in the United States Army for eight years. Justin’s specialties are accounting clean-up, audit/review support, efficiencies and process improvement, and SEC reporting. Justin is an MS Excel wizard and has knowledge and experience in a variety of accounting/auditing systems. His hobbies included saltwater coral reef aquariums, weight lifting, and being a college football and basketball fanatic.

Amber Petersen, Accounting & Bookkeeping

Amber handles the day-to-day accounting operations for Steady. She also tirelessly sprinkles magic all around to help us operate smoothly. Amber has been part of the team since November 2017. Her hobbies include going to baseball games, anything Harry Potter, and drinking a nice bottle of wine.

Dwane Gant, Head of Construction

Dwane joined Steady in 2019 as Project Manager. Dwane holds a BA in Industrial Engineering from Long Beach State University. During his 25+ years career, Dwane worked for Bachem Americas, Edward Laboratories, Source Scientific in various technical and engineering capacities, leading the development, engineering, permitting, and construction of numerous clean rooms, manufacturing spaces, and general workplaces. In his spare time, Dwane sings in a gospel group and plays the trombone.

Jose “Chepe” Rodriguez, Sr Superintendent

Jose has an infinite passion for tools and woodworking. He has been a superintendent for over 20 years, working for numerous commercial contractors. In his current capacity, Jose led the construction and completion of projects for California Lutheran University, Grifols, or Tilly’s. In his spare time, Jose likes to shape and build hand knives.

Martin Martinez, Superintendent

Martin joined Steady in 2018 and quickly took charge of multiple projects to grow in his current role. Martin has 15+ years of experience in drywall, dropped ceiling, remediation, and overall project supervision and management. Martin is always keen to grow his team’s competencies and knowledge. He is the happy father of 4 beautiful children.