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What we do.

We have engineering and field expertise in specific trades.

Relocating, upgrading and improving existing public or private motor vehicle parking areas is critical to ensure operational efficiencies; public safety; and sustain business growth.

Projects recently completed include:

  • Corporate program to improve warehouse yard access (new traffic flows; guard houses; automated check-in/out process)
  • Sidewalk redesign for ADA compliance
  • Asphalt, concrete and striping for numerous malls and office campuses


Furnished and installed charge point or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) to customers eager to offer electrical power supply capabilities on their property.  Very accustomed to Level 2 and Level 3 (DC Fast chargers) installations.

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Depending on your configuration needs and business requirements, Tenant Improvements are key to ensure employee and customer satisfaction, business efficiencies and operational excellence.  We want our customers to be compliant to local safety codes, and always recommend energy standards efficiencies and optimizations.

Projects recently completed include:

  • Retail store remodeling
  • Corporate office reconfiguration
  • Multifamily common areas upgrades 

Managing tenants, multi-location operations or lease requirements while maximizing occupancy and usability is a very complex task. Relying on a trained crew for efficient and quality turn-around is the solution to minimize operational disturbances due to a tenant moving out; a corporate downsizing; or a new comer moving in.

Disasters can happen, despite all precautions. From careless tenants to broken equipment or pipes; fire and water disasters require two distinctive actions:

  • First, clean up and demo must happen without delay to prevent further damages and limit risks arising as a consequence of the disaster
  • Secondly, restoring the property to its initial condition to ensure occupants can move back and resume their businesses and lives. 




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